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We provide high-quality research, training, and outcomes monitoring solutions in which empirical findings are translated into practical, clinical applications, with the understanding that observations from clinical practice help shape and inform scientific investigation.

We have worked with domestic & international agencies ranging from national health care organizations to individual treatment centers.

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Is your treatment program outcomes-based?


With the current landscape concerning the delivery and reimbursement of substance use disorder treatment services, the ability for treatment providers to systematically monitor and document treatment outcomes remains of paramount importance.  The inclusion of substance use disorders as one of the ten elements of essential health benefits has greatly increased the accessibility of treatment and allows considerably more providers to offer and be reimbursed for these services.  Cost and efficiency is no longer the main selling point; quality of services now takes precedence. 

​According to best practices and industry standards, a key indicator of quality treatment care is having valid and reliable measurement systems in place to track patients' response to treatment.  Just as the treatment of other chronic medical conditions such as hypertension involves the regular assessment of blood pressure, addictions treatment providers must routinely collect "addiction & mental health vital signs."  In the absence of standardized metrics, it is difficult to document treatment outcomes and demonstrate any kind of meaningful impact.

PRO Health Group​™ provides individual attention to every aspect of a project and meets the specific needs of our clients with a professional, cost-efficient, and scientific approach.  Whether you require assistance with designing and implementing a measurement-based and outcomes-informed patient monitoring system, or seek empirical documentation regarding the effectiveness of your treatment services from a rigorous independent evaluation, our aim is to produce high-impact work with important, practical applications for clinical practice and program policy.

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